Thursday, April 4, 2013

Walls & Warmth

The exterior of our project is coming right along, but the interior is also progressing nicely.  It's finally starting to feel like spring in Maine, but with 20 degree mornings, insulation and dry wall make a much nicer house!

First things first.  The insulation folks showed up and added fiberglass insulation into all the new walls, the crawl space and a layer in the ceiling.  To meet building codes, we need all the new walls to have an R-21 level of insulation.  This required miles of insulation and stilts to tuck a layer of insulation into the attic space.  But as soon as they were done, we noticed an amazing difference.  Suddenly it was so quiet in the house!  All that insulation absorbed all the sound and gave the house a whole different feeling!


Next step - Drywall!  Dan Caron and his team made quick work of installing drywall.  I have to confess, I LOVE watching the big boom truck bring the drywall in through the upstairs windows.  So efficient!  And again, stilts!

More Stilts!

Last step - Blown in cellulose insulation in the attic. Building code requirement is R-49.  So we needed a thick layer of insulation over the pink fiberglass that they had already installed.  They snaked the hose up through the attic scuttle hole and started blowing cellulose.  It looked like it was snowing in the attic!

We're pretty sure Mother Nature will deliver a little more cold weather.  And we're ready for it!
Now that we've got the place all buttoned up, it's starting to look pretty good!  Next step - hardwood floors.
Soon, this will be the kitchen!

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  1. Looking good! I know what you mean about the difference insulation makes. I decided to put insulation in my kitchen when it was semi-gutted and am so glad. It was once the coldest room, now it's the warmest.

  2. This is so exciting! It is starting to look like a house again. Can't wait to see more progress!!!


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