Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cupola Road Trip

The detached garage at our Diamond in the Rough is quickly becoming my pet project.  Maybe it's because the house is in various stages of demolition and it just seems so nice in comparison.  But now that it's sporting new garage doors, new moldings and bright white trim, I think it's looking pretty good (of course you have to cock your head just the right way, to see around the port-a-potty and the dumpster.  Oh, and I have multiple paint samples painted on the doors.  But with a little imagination, you get the idea).

But it still needs something else to dress it up and I've been searching for a deal on a cupola.  But they're really, really expensive.  So imagine how excited I got when I saw one on Craigslist for $450!  It's a few years old, but has never been used and the owner is tired of having it take up space in his garage.  We agreed on a price (bargaining is part of the fun with Craigslist) and I made arrangements for the two hour drive north to pick it up.

That's when the trouble started.  You see, my husband isn't convinced we really need a cupola.  In the grand scheme of things, he thinks there are better ways to spend money improving the house.  Okay, so that might be true, but I was quick to point out what a screaming deal this is.  A bargain hunters dream - I had to have it.  And it will look sooooo nice up on the garage.  And who cares if it's a couple hour drive north to pick it up.

That's when it got crazier.  He didn't think I should drive up there alone to get it.  He wanted to go with me.

So here's the thing.  Now that we're made this big career change, we're working together 24x7.  That's right, we're together constantly.  Think about that.  Spending every single minute of every day with your spouse.  Kind of daunting isn't it?  So as you can imagine, I was really looking forward to a day trip.  Alone.  I figured we could both use a little alone time.  And now he wants to come with me!  No, no no!

So,  I pressed him on why he wanted to come.

Richard:  Because it might not be safe.

Me:  What?  Not safe?

Richard:  You don't know who this man is and you're going alone to his house.

Me: let me get this straight.  You think this is a pervert trying to lure women to his house with a bargain priced cupola???  A cupola????

Richard:  Yes.

Now, I know I shouldn't have started laughing hysterically, but come on.  How crazy is his logic!  And at this point I'd talked to this guy numerous times - he just wanted to get rid of the cupola before his big fishing trip to Moosehead Lake with his buddies.

But Richard was really serious.  So I tried my best to see it from his point of view.....but quickly gave up on that.  After all, I've traveled all over the globe on my own, without any issues.  A two hour drive just didn't seem like a big deal.  But after many years of marriage, I knew I had to tread carefully.  So I tried to keep it to a low giggle.

And after a lot more discussion (that I won't bore you with), we came up with a compromise.   I'd go alone, but I had to 1) call him when I arrived at the house and let him know if it looked unsafe (seriously, what would that look like?  I'm still trying to figure that one out!) and 2) call him when I got it loaded in the car and was heading home.

I headed north and met Randy, a very nice man who helped me load the cupola in my minivan (the perfect vehicle for Craigslist treasures!).  Randy was very happy to be gaining space in his garage.  I was very happy with my awesome bargain.  And ultimately, I think Richard was happy having a day without me driving him crazy.  Now I just need to persuade him to mount the cupola on the garage.  I'm thinking that might take awhile.....

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  1. Your post made me giggle. When I was in my 20s I drove all over the US and Canada by myself. Texas to Alaska and back, up to NY and back to Louisiana, etc. Then I got married and my husband used to freak out if I was going to drive 2 hours for a wedding (I'm a photographer) by myself. Men are funny sometimes.

    I love the cupola and I think it'll look great on the garage.

    1. Believe me Kara, I understand! I know they're trying to be caring and concerned, but enough already :-) BTW - you logged some serious miles on that trip. Wow!

  2. Hilarous post! Also, you're in good ol' Maine - not exactly the crime capital of the US. Yay for both of you agreeing to compromise though.

    1. Thanks so much for following our blog! Glad we could give you a chuckle.

  3. I know it seems kind of funny and your post made me laugh but....having said that...there are been some serious incidents with craigslist...That is why when my son was selling his bike parts online we arranged to meet at a coffee shop in town in a public place..Even the police recommend you meet in a public place and have no problem if you choose the police station...
    Glad it all worked out and love it though...but next time...listen to your hubby haha Cheers Frances

    1. Frances, you make some good points. And it's extremely important to be cautious with Craigslist. I've done numerous deals in the last year, in multiple states, and found that you need to screen carefully. If something seems a bit off, it probably is and it's best not to do that deal. But that being said, we're usually getting rid of great big stuff that can't go to a coffee shop. And we've met some really lovely people. I became pen pals with a 10 year old girl that bought the bedroom set that I had as a child!


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