Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sustainable Renovation

One goal on each of our projects is to minimize the amount of material that goes to the landfill.  We are particularly pleased on this project - despite the large amount of demolition on the second floor, we only sent one small dump trailer of debris to the land fill.  

Look at these beautiful boards and joists!  We reclaimed them during demo and will use them for a variety of purposes in the house.  In fact, I have such a long list of projects - we're not sure we will have enough wood for all of it!    Tops on the list of projects are reclaimed wood counter tops for the kitchen island, followed by a few open shelves next to the sink.  And I'm still trying to figure out a way to utilize barn doors from reclaimed wood.

We are also faithful donors to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  For this house, we donated the old kitchen cabinets, the appliances, ceiling fans and light fixtures.     

I also love using ReStore as a source for materials like old doors and hardware.  And in one embarrassing shopping trip - I bought a door that I realized I had donated months earlier!!  (I've also been known to buy something I thought I could use, only to donate it back at the end of a project.)

So while renovating old houses does generate some material for a landfill - we're pleased that we can keep it to an absolute minimum!
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  1. Great to hear! It's always sad to see renovation projects where perfectly good cabinets are destroyed. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Just found your blog through "Hooked on Houses"! I love that when you redo a house, you are taking the time to remove items you can reuse or donate!
    I love renovating shows, but my heart sinks sometimes, when they smash or trash doors, windows or cabinets someone else could have used!

    1. So glad you found us!!! I think the same thing when I see those renovating shows!!! I know our ReStore loves to get kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, etc. - someone is always looking for things to reuse. They should never go in a dumpster!!!


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